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Dental tourism/vacation is a branch of medical tourism that focuses on dental care and treatment. Although one travels for medical purposes, it provides a great opportunity to travel overseas. Due to the rising cost of treatment in developed countries many people have considered getting services overseas. We urge you to be very careful with this practice and to choose Wellness Springs Dental  - the Dentist Salem prefers - when you're stateside. Below is a highlight of the pros and cons associated with dental tourism;


The main consideration for most people opting to get dental care overseas is price. Countries like Thailand and India are known to offer lower cost in dental care. This also benefits individuals who lack dental insurance cover and prefer more cost savings to maintain their oral health.


  • Uncertainties:  Are dentist certified? Are the facilities and equipment of quality standards in health care? These are the very most asked of questions. As many people are fixed on getting the dental treatment they need, they must make thorough inquiries to be assured of the quality of dental care they will get.
  1. Limited time: After treatment, constant checkups are necessary especially for complicated procedures such as dental transplants. Once you return back to your native land, going back for checkups could be expensive.

These are some of the concerns and issues that everyone should carefully consider before deciding on going on a dental vacation. If you feel the need to go for dental tourism, choose developing countries as they assure you of quality care and services. Though the cost may be slightly cheaper, the assurance of good quality dental treatment is well worth it.

Factors to consider

Before choosing to go for a dental trip, it is best to consider the following points:

  • Understand the rules and regulations involved. Check with the health department or ministry of your respective destination.
  • Research on the best clinics offering quality services. Numerous clinics have risen due to dental tourism and having to consider one that is accredited is important.
  • Find out if the dentist attending to you is qualified and experienced. You could consider seeing an internationally trained dentist.
  • Consider possible health implications that could happen after your treatment. Ask yourself questions such as is there any refund once the treatment fails or a legal recourse?
  • Do not solely rely on referrals. Review various websites and forums to identify a reliable dental care provider.
  • Search for a medical tourism agency. They will help you in planningthe necessary arrangements for your dental check up.

Trends in dental tourism

Just like any other industry, dental tourism is quickly coming up. With increasing awareness more dental clinics are sprouting up from all corners of the earth. The major trends are increase in number of patients’ preference for dental tourism, stiff competition and change in price levels. Besides these trends, experts have foreseen the following future trends; multi-trips, competitive advantages, transparency and product differentiation.